Don’t Sweat It… Cruise It

With Tuvalu being one of the smallest islands in the Pacific, one is bound to be adventurous and see everything our nation has to offer. The first issue that comes up, walking in the hot sun? Oh no… Not to worry as our hotel provides affordable motor bike rentals for those needing that extra boost. So, get ready to do what almost all Tuvaluans do, ‘go crusin’ up and down the main strip and take in our natural beauty and charm.

Epic Island Hopping! The Motu.

The ‘Motu’ is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience while visting Tuvalu. It is a stunning small island chain strung together with near perpendicular corners that creates a naturally protected lagoon. It’s beyond a doubt, a world class hidden treasure. The village inside the Motu is everything you would dream an island village should be (and they generally are not). It is pristine, sustainable, superiorly well organized and manicured and it will surely have you completely envious that you don’t live a lifestyle so much in touch with Nature. On the way out and back, you will pass by many other beautiful, low lying islands. All in all, it’s a day trip that will last a lifetime.

Gone Fishing… In Tuvalu.

Here in the Pacific, one of our most popular past times is sitting on a dock, with a cold drink and fishing rod in hand, while waiting for the action to start. Or if you’re the more adventurous type, we don’t mind you taking a net out and experiencing the local style of fishing. Just don’t get too excited when you finally catch one though, you might scare the fish around you…and the people too!


So you’ve landed on a tropical island. Fortunately, you have not been castaway and you are among some of the friendliest people in the world. So if you like the idea of going around the island alone and getting lost? Breathe a sigh of relief as our hotel the a knowledgeable companion, our local tour guide will take you and others to see the sights but will also give you some history and culture lessons as you learn more about our beloved island.

Attend a Festival or Create Your Own

To make your trip even more memorable, join us as we celebrate our independence day on the 1st of October. There’s heaps’ going on with food, dancing and entertainment. If there is no planned festival during your stay, we can still arrange for a traditional dining experience. Immerse yourself in the ancient art of underground cooking known as earth ovens or more specifically- lovo. Learn the ways of this revered tradition found across the Pacific and appreciate its significance in their culture. You can even help in its preparation if you’re not afraid to get down and dirty. Trust us; this method of cooking is one you’ve never seen before.

As for the culture and dancing, just ask us and we will surely find a spot where you can boogie down with the locals while you revel in our traditional dances and maybe learn a move or two. In the Pacific, we’re all smiles and laughter as we love to share our lives with you.




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